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Obtaining a home loan is easy when you partner with a local expert.

Ceder Home Loans has more than 20 years of experience in providing the best terms for home loans in Colorado. Whether your dream property is a regular home, an off-grid, mountain property, unwarrantable condo, or one that needs a jumbo loan, we have the local knowledge to get the right deal for you.

A wooden house placed on a table means Real estate investment, choosing the best home For long-term living Investment planning.

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Despite recent events, the Colorado housing market remains competitive. This is great news for prospective homeowners who want options when looking for the perfect home.

However, the competition means any application will face more scrutiny from lenders and senders. That can make the already tedious home loan process more difficult than it should be.

Cedar Home Loans is a local expert that understands the intricacies of Colorado home loans. We have 20 years of experience in helping clients close on time. Our company handles complex home loans so you can focus on Colorado living.

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Homeowner brought the documents to the bank for check and submitted to refinance room in condominium.

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We pride ourselves on having local expertise on properties in Boulder, Summit, Eagle, San Miguel County, and beyond.

Our CEO, Andrew McBryan, is known for finding the best mortgage solutions for home purchases in the Centennial State.

As Colorado mortgage lenders, we offer direct lending solutions for Colorado living and investment.

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